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"In times of change the learners shall inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists." -- Eric Hoffer

Our business strategy is to learn and evolve with the changes that occur faster and faster. We offer technological solutions that meet the requirements of today and tomorrow.

General Manager


Who we are

We identify that the world is transforming at accelerated steps and with Siemens backing us in this great progress, we decided to expose an updated and technological face, ceasing to call ourselves the Siemens unit of Rieder & Cia to call ourselves RiederTech Solutions, always forming part of the Rieder & Cia. SACI.

What we do

In the era of digitization and precisely with Siemens since 1954, RiederTech Solutions is strengthened in the national industrial and energy market, with highly qualified services and cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing efficiency, profitability and flexibility. Rieder Tech Solutions' strategy is and will be the technological solution for the present and the future.

How we do it

Proud to be part of the energy and industrial development of Paraguay, we will continue to demonstrate work and capacity, thanks to highly trained collaborators who accompany us with that passion and dedication and join this great team.

Our history with SIEMENS

  • 1954

    In 1954 the first commercial relations between Rieder and Siemens began. From there and over the years, representation contracts are signed for the commercialization of products manufactured by Siemens Halske (Communications), Siemens Schuckert Werke (Energy), Siemens Elektrogeräte (Household appliances).

  • 1993

    After the unification of the factories under Siemens AG, a contract was signed in 1993 in which Rieder & Cia has the exclusive right to sell Siemens products in Paraguay. Even with the regionalization of Siemens Mundial in 1997, Rieder & Cia continues as the exclusive representative of Siemens AG in Paraguay.

  • 2006

    In 2006 Siemens separated its businesses from the telecommunications sector, consequently, Rieder & Cia stopped marketing Siemens public telecommunications products in Paraguay after 50 years, continuing as the exclusive representative in all its products, except medical equipment.

  • 2009

    Since 2009 Rieder & Cia has the exclusive representation with Siemens for products, systems and services of the Energy, Mobility, Digital Factory and Process in Industries Divisions and also for products, systems and services of the Power and Gas and Power Generation Services Divisions .

  • 2019

    In 2019 Rieder & Cia and Siemens AG signed a franchise agreement for the manufacture of high-tech industrial electrical panels in Paraguay, with certification and registered trademark by Siemens. To date and with more than 60 years of starting relationships, Rieder & Cia and Siemens continue to make history in Paraguay.