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We offer the widest range of PHOENIX CONTACT materials and equipment to meet the needs of Industrial smart network architecture (industrial networks, communication, protocol conversion and remote connectivity), as well as many other accessories and panel components, such as terminals, identifiers, connectors, etc.

"Any system is only as robust as its weakest point."

The junction between cabinet systems and the field is of strategic importance for the reliability and maintainability of equipment and installation.

Likewise, standardized safety conditions, such as contact protection, insulation protection and correct identification, must be part of the boards to guarantee operability without unwanted effects.

From RIEDER we promote the implementation of connection points that cover all these requirements, favor efficiency in the installation and even take care of the aesthetics of the panel.

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Our portfolio

Whether you decide on screw, spring, push-in, quick or stud connection: all connection technologies can be freely combined with each other, using the same accessories thanks to the double functional pit of the connection terminal system.
Ensure the smooth running of your facilities with a complete range of products and solutions for the connection of sensors and actuators.
We have various types of versatile circular electrical connectors in M5 to M58, such as M8 connectors, M12 5-pin connectors or M23 connectors, as well as RJ connectors such as the RJ45 connector.
Select the optimum power supply for your applications according to your needs from our wide range of different product families. The products differ ithemnselves in terms of design, power and functionality.
Build your control cabinet efficiently. Mounting material from Phoenix Contact and our elements for electrical engineering installations ensure safe EMC-compliant connections. This way you will always have your electrical installations under control.
Guarantee your installation availability thtough our electrical switches and electrical protections. For every requirement, we offer you a wide range of machine and plant protection modules.
Whatever the function you need: wether it is to connect, separate, control, amplify or multiply. Our range of products covers all type of needs. Either for electromechanical and solid-state relays or timer and control relays.
With our surge protectors you can smooth out and eliminate high frequency and low power interference. For high-energy voltage transients, lightning and surge protection modules will be the protection solution.
By using our industrial security systems, you can increase the availability of your machines and installations. With our extensive services we help you to implement all the safety requirements of machines and plants in a standardized way.