CON EL RESPALDO DE SIEMENS DESDE 1954 Brindamos servicios de excelencia y productos de calidad Nuestro elemento diferenciador de mercado es la alta tecnología ofrecida, acompañada de un servicio responsable. NUESTRA TOMA DE DECISIONES ESTÁ BASADA EN LA Búsqueda constante de información actualizada Y en un sistema de gestión que promueva la mejora e innovación continua de productos y procesos. Establecemos alianzas a largo plazo con proveedores y asociados que comparten nuestros valores de excelencia. EN LA DIVISIÓN SIEMENS NOS ENFOCAMOS EN LA Gestión oportuna y preventiva de la identificación del peligro Y gestión del riesgo y oportunidades de mejora. Nos abocamos no solo al cumplimiento de estándares exigidos en nuestra Legislación, sino también en la aplicación de recomendaciones internacionales en materia de Seguridad Ocupacional y Medio Ambiente
"In times of change the learners shall inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists." -- Eric Hoffer

Our business strategy is to learn and evolve with the changes that occur faster and faster. We offer technological solutions that meet the requirements of today and tomorrow.

Hugo H. Troche
General Manager


Given the imminent expansion of COVID-19 , Rieder & CIA. SACI has dedicated itself to applying the protocols suggested by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare and also establishing its own protocols to maintain the continuity of its operations and at the same time protect its staff and clients , appropriately managing risks while executing the work activities.

The central idea is to prevent risks beyond Covid-19 , something that as a company we have always done in all our activities, establishing measures to promote Health, Prevention and Protection in order to reduce the risk of contagion and determining the guidelines for action against a possible case of positive Covid-19 in the workplace.

We guarantee


ISO 9001:2015

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We build 500, 220 and 66 kV “KEY IN HAND” Electrical Substations, supplying Siemens brand equipment, materials and systems.
We carry out installation of maneuver and measurement equipment up to 500kV, assembly and maintenance of power transformers and SSAA, installation of grounding systems, installation of MV cubicles (GIS - AIS) and installation of C&P.
Our Engineering service combines various areas of expertise in a traceable and reliable way, offering comprehensive solutions for industry and infrastructure projects.
With technology and know-how the INDUSTRY 4.0 industrial revolution becomes a reality. Our solutions and our experience in projects are guarantees of good results where productivity, precision and safety are keys to success.
We offer Control Systems of the Siemens brand for Substations and Installations in 500, 220, 66 and 23 Kv.
SIVACON S8 is ready for the challenges of the future and digitization - with special features and a modular design to ensure reliability, safety and flexibility.


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